Observations from Alaska - "Live Your Best Life"

During our Alaska land and sea cruise, James and I participated in several excursions. We had a nature excursion on a bus (2 hours of my life I will never get back) looking for moose and bears. Fortunately, the excursions got better as we threw axes, watched a lumberjack show (my favorite) and drove UTVs! We've been on excursions on different cruises over the years, but this time, I especially noticed the tour guides.

There was always the question of how they came to be tour guides in Alaska and they loved telling their stories. I found their stories pretty consistent. Most were from other states, choosing to spend their summers as tour guides in Alaska. They spent their off hours touring and hiking Alaska. Instead of living in an apartment or other temporary housing, they chose to live in tents and sleep in hammocks...outside!? When the first tour guide shared their story, I thought it was just odd. But after hearing this from multiple people I realized what I found odd and without direction was instead an opportunity for them to experience life in a new and different way. I learned a valuable lesson. "My norm is not necessarily THE norm." They were living their best life!

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