What’s in your closet?

There’s a skirt I own that I really like. I would wear it more often if I felt like I had something to wear with it. This skirt has a weird blue green color that’s hard to match. Whenever I contemplate wearing it, I get discouraged because I don’t have anything that works with that shade of blue green except white. How boring…and I don’t really like to wear white. Therefore, I’ve only worn this very comfortable skirt once. Today, yet again, I looked in my closet to decide what to wear. I flipped past THE SKIRT again. I had the same mindset as always. “I don’t have anything to wear with this skirt. I’ll have to look for something when I go shopping.” But today, I saw a blue green cardigan in my closet. I bought it over a year ago. As I looked at it I realized the color was a perfect match to my skirt. Why hadn’t I noticed this cardigan as a solution to my dilemma before? In my mind, the color in the skirt was so uncommon there was no way I had something already in my closet that would complement it. But the cardigan was perfect. It’s as if the two manufacturers created them to be worn together.

As I was walking outside today, taking a quick break from my desk, I realized the similarities between my skirt dilemma and my God given gifts. How often do we think what we currently have to offer is not enough or insufficient? I was so convinced there was nothing in my closet to wear that I ignored what was already there. The cardigan was in my closet a year before I purchased the skirt. Our gifts and talents are the same way. God has given you and me everything we need to successfully walk in our purpose. Our gifts are a perfect match for whatever vision God has given. We just have to stop looking outside of ourselves and instead look inside for what’s already there.


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