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for Christy Demetrakis

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You came into my life at the right time. I had been working a lot at my job (still do) and I realized that I wanted more for myself.


You came right in time Christy.   From our first conversation, I felt heard when I told you my dream of having my own business.  


You put me at ease and told me with work, my dream was possible.  


Thank you for hearing me and seeing me.

From the beginning,  you provided a blueprint in terms of how to set yourself up for success; in asking the key question you; how bold are you and are you ready to do the work for your dream?

Thank you for guiding me and encouraging me.   

Thank you doesn't seem to be enough to express my gratitude to you Christy. 

Thank you and I hope to keep continuing to build a relationship with you and continue to learn from you."

~ Candace Ellis

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