Faith to Conquer Fear™ Series Workshop

Dear Future Facilitator,

Thank you for your interest in helping people conquer their personal fears by facilitating the Faith to Conquer Fear™ Series.  Both of my books - Faith to Conquer Fear™: Inspiration to Achieve your Dreams and Faith to Conquer Fear™: The Journey were written to inspire people to walk in their God-given purpose.  We can only do that if we learn to conquer the fears that limit us from reaching our highest potential. If we are honest with ourselves, we all have fears. The key is not to let those fears keep us from moving forward in our purpose. This is why I wrote the books and why I believe this Series is so critical.


The Faith to Conquer Fear™ Series Workshop, based on my Amazon bestselling book Faith to Conquer Fear™: The Journey is designed to take fear conquerors on a journey of self-discovery. The Series is a creative and interactive workshop designed for book clubs, bible study groups, small groups, and organizations. Participants will leave the series feeling empowered to acknowledge their fears, understand the root cause of their fears, and learn tools to take action to conquer those fears in a safe space.

Following the customizable format, participants will read the book, develop support and accountability via small group discussions, learn additional biblical principles to support the book’s content, and encourage additional bible reading during the week.


Are you ready help people conquer their fears?  Here’s everything you need to get started.

  • Faith to Conquer Fear™ Series Facilitator’s Guide (everything you need to effectively and expertly facilitate the Faith to Conquer Fear™ Series)

  • Faith to Conquer Fear™:  The Journey book (1 per participant)

Faith to Conquer Fear: The Journey book
Faith to Conquer Fear Series Facilitator Guide

I am confident you and your organization will be blessed as you experience “The Journey” together.  If you are interested in having me personally conduct the Series or visit as a guest during your sessions, please contact me.