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I have a question for you, since you're here. If failure was not an option and fear was not an issue for you, what would you do differently? Land your dream job? Graduate from college or explore higher education? Would you have written your book? Become an entrepreneur? Embrace a wonderful relationship? What has fear kept you from doing?

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You can experience transformation in your life by...

  • Identifying and eliminating the fears that hold you back

  • Discovering your unrealized opportunities

  • Achieving your God given calling to change the world around you

  • Increasing your confidence


  • If you are tired of procrastinating the things that really matter.

  • If you have dreams you've never shared with someone else.

  • If you have trouble staying motivated to finish what you start.

  • If you struggle with accountability...

Meet your Personal Coach


Christy Demetrakis,

Author, Speaker, & Trainer

Christy Demetrakis is the President of The Empowered Speaker, a company that teaches the importance of faith in conquering the fears that limit us from reaching our highest God given potential. As the author of two books, an inspirational speaker, and presentation skills and book writing coach, Christy has trained and coached hundreds of people to move beyond their perceived limitations to achieving greater fulfillment in their lives and careers.


What participants say about

the 90 day bootcamp... 

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Toshina W.

“I have learned the power of positive self talk, affirmations and writing things down with a plan of action. I have also learned that it’s okay to let my guard down a bit to grow through this process with the support of others.

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Adrienne P.

I find the boot camp approach simple yet powerful. Christy’s balance of guidance with personal accountability to do the work is key. The community of us going through this together is equally powerful to learn from each other. The simple ways to connect online in discussion groups as well as with the weekly calls. I know I am not alone.

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Teresa H.

“I would highly recommend Christy Demetrakis because she has laid the program out in a way that holds me accountable not only for my project but allows me to support others on their journey. The live coaching sessions are helpful, and Christy speaks the truth, and she does not sugar coat to appease but pushes us to continue to

move forward."

“When I began the “90 Days to Increase Your Confidence & Conquer Your Fears” boot camp, I was expecting to find answers to a myriad of questions about myself and my creativity.

However, after attending the Boot Camp, I received so much more. The highlights of the Boot Camp were learning the incredible power of prayer. It is not as if I did not realize pray were powerful, I just never relied on its strength before. I so enjoyed the camaraderie if our group and feel a special bond with each person. These 12 weeks helped me to think outside myself, and to pray prayers that matter.

With the inspiration I received in the “90 Days to Increase Your Confidence & Conquer Your Fears” boot camp, I am now practicing medicine in a healthy environment where I can take a break and I can see the outdoors and refresh my soul. I am less worried (although not perfect) about displeasing people.” - Michelle G. 

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The "90 Days to Increase Your Faith & Conquer Your Fears" Coaching Program will help you...


  • Learn the secret to conquering your fears

  • Gain the confidence to step into your calling

  • Identify the things holding you back

  • Develop an action plan to achieve your dreams!

The next session begins

February 1, 2020 - April 24, 2021!

“Christy has a wonderful gift for helping people explore where they most need to explore. She doesn’t give the answers but rather provides the coaching for participants to find their answers. The book was an outstanding guide for the program. I highly recommend it!” Shelly W.



If you are really serious about walking in your purpose and destiny, schedule an introductory call with me. I would love to learn more about you and mutually determine if the "90 Days to Increase Your Confidence & Conquer Your Fears" coaching program is a good fit for you.

Schedule an Introductory Call with Christy

Here's What You'll Get with the "90 Day Bootcamp"

  • Transformational Coaching & Mentoring Program​

  • Weekly Curriculum based on my book, Faith to Conquer Fear™: The Journey​

  • Signed copy of Faith to Conquer Fear™: The Journey​

  • Video Group Coaching​

  • The Faith to Conquer Fear™ template and planning sheets​

  • Accountability​

  • Community & Group Support​

  • A “Safe Space”​

  • Weekly Video Encouragement & Tips​

  • And much, much more!

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Christy, I am ready to join this journey

for 90 days of faith and transformation.  

Three Installment Payments of $348.95

Single Full Payment of $ 1046.85